The 2022 Election season is upon us. We have candidates that need your support.

Contact your local candidate to volunteer your time.

  • You can:

  1. Volunteer for door knocking / lit drop

  2. Volunteer to host a Meet and Greet

  3. Donate

Town of Johnston - Elected Offices

    • Mayor

    • Councilman / Councilwoman - Districts– There are five (5) Districts in which we need candidates.

    • Representative – Rhode Island House of Representatives – There are four (4) seats that serve Johnston’s citizens: Districts 13, 42, 43, and 44

    • Senator – Rhode Island Senate – There are two (2) seats that serve the Johnston citizens: Districts 22 & 25

    • School Committee Member – There are five (5) seats for the Johnston School Committee (all serving four year, non-partisan terms)

But what office can I run for?

The answer to that question is based upon where you live, and you can find further information on that and more, here.

We offer comprehensive Candidate and Campaign Team Training so you'll be prepared to WIN!